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0675 Heat Resistant Non-Slip Oven Mitts/Gloves (1pc)

₹. 44.00 ₹. 299.00
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Heat Resistant Non-Slip Oven Mitts/Gloves 

Try out our all-new cooking gloves, the only gloves you'll ever need again, While protecting your hands from burns, while also remaining fully flexible, so you can get the best grip. Unlike other Oven Mitts on the market, these are easier to maneuver by offering improved control, grip, and stability, thanks to their innovative non-slip design.
It provides a high-quality Double Over Mitt Potholders. It is effectively used as heat resistant and holding dishes and vessels while handling household chores. You can work comfortably with these gloves because it is fabricated with thick material. This helps you to save your self from getting harm while cooking over the open fire of gas. The thick multiple strands of this fabric make it long-lasting. It is scorch resistant with perfect stitching.

Product Features :

Forget those inferior oven gloves. These Professional Extreme Heat-resistant Cooking Gloves can provide you and your families with comprehensive protection and extraordinary using experience. 
Our oven mitts with professional protection can withstand unbelievable high temperatures. Perfect to protect your hands and provide maximum protection for your family when deal with grilling , cooking , baking , or handling super hot items in the kitchen and outdoors . Making delicious food get easier than ever with these heat resistant grills gloves .
Losing a fine piece of meat into the fire or onto the ground can spoil your day . The oven gloves heat resistant to Food Grade Silicone Grips ensuring cookware , dinnerware , or anything doesn't slip from your hands . And these oven gloves heats resistant to separate fingers enables you move more comfortable and flexible to be your favorites year after year . So give these oven gloves heats resistant a try !
Our hot resistant gloves equipped Ultra-long guards. It will keep your hands, wrists and forearms all be safer. We also Lined with super soft material to breathe, so there is enough air circulation to let your hands won't sweat in summer or high heat condition
There is no difference between the right or left hand of gloves , you can wear on both sides . The large size fits most men's hands . Machine washable make it easy about cleaning .


Manufacturer by
Deodap International Private Limited
Green Land Chokdi,
Markeng Yard F-7,
Rajkot-360001, Gujarat, India
Contact : +91 9624666631
Email :

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