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1218 Combination Lock for Bike and Bicycle (4 Digit)

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Combination Lock for Bike and Bicycle (4 Digit)

4-digit combination locking mechanisms for key less convenience, easy to use, Engineering plastic shell and flexible steel cables, solid durable. Good performance cable Flexible steel cables for strong cut resistance and PVC helps prevent scratching and keeping more durable, more convenient to use and carry up.This is a reset able combination lock, you can reset the combination as often as you like. Easy to set your own personalised number combination, but please don't forget the number,Ideal for bicycles, skateboards, sports equipment, fences, tools, tool boxes.

Product Features :


Smart 4-digit re settable combination chain lock, much safer than other 4 digit locks. Easy to set your own personalised number combination.


The bike cable is made of high strength  steel wire, which can withstand tension and shear force, more strength and flexibility. And the protective vinyl coating(PVC) helps prevent scratching more durable wear.


cable is long enough for different users; Self coiling design make it easy to carry; Equipped with complimentary mounting bracket, the lock can be easily added to other objects; The quick installation button makes it install or remove the lock conveniently.


Combination locking mechanism provide key less convenience and set your own password by easy steps. With keyless convenience lock, you don’t worry about lost the key and forget to carry it.Code design saves you from the hassle of carrying keys.


there are 10,000 combinations you can set, which makes the chances to crack the code only 1/10,0000. The default code is 00000.


The cable  long enough to lock 2-3 bikes together, or lock your bike to a tree, gate, fence, railing, thick pole and others. The lock can also be used for motorcycles, scooters, skateboards, grills, ladders, doors, lawnmowers and many others


Manufacturer by
Deodap International Private Limited
Green Land Chokdi,
Markeng Yard F-7,
Rajkot-360001, Gujarat, India
Contact : +91 9624666631
Email :

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