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3027 Foldable Stool for Adults and Kids, Multi-Purpose Pick N Move Portable Baby Stool (Multi Colour)

₹. 378.00 ₹. 599.00
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  • Classic non-slip base stool, performing day to day tasks become easy.
  • Multipurpose stool, it's perfect for nearly any location and the floor surface. 
  • The step stool is contoured to fit around toilet bases but is also perfect to help reach the sink and many other places. 
  • It's easy to clean and can be wiped down with a cloth. 
  • Perfect for small children to sit at and play, draw, do crafts, or set the table for a cozy picnic in the garden. 
  • The furniture is light but steady, and your child can carry them from room to room or out into the garden. 
  • Made from harmless plastic, the same material used in baby bottles, disposable nappies and food boxes. 
  • Also perfect for outdoor use since it is made to withstand rain, sun, snow and dirt. 
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